It’s Okay to Be Where You Are – It’s Not Okay to Stay There

I remember the year a SMART Board was installed in my classroom.  It was a game changer at the time.  I ditched the blackline masters and accompanying teacher’s manual and made my own program.  My way.  Everything we did from then on was interactive.  I loved my SMART Board.  Next came iPads.  I had access to an […]

CSEd – Where Do Girls Belong?

This post was originally written for and can be found here It’s Computer Science Education Week.  My social media feed is filled with amazing things happening in classrooms around the globe.  It’s filled with ideas, resources and endless opportunities for educators to network with one another and add to their teacher toolbox.  It’s […]

Kindergarten: Meet Them Where They Are and Watch Where They Will Go

This post was originally written for and can be found here Kindergarten…28 little bodies in one room.  28 little minds all coming at you from different places, with different experiences, different abilities and different stories.  Some of those 28 are still just three years old.  Some are turning six.  Some […]

One Year

Today marks one year.  One year since life as I knew it changed.  One year since I sat and stared at you for hours that day holding on to every ounce of hope my heart could muster.  One year since I held your hand and felt you slip away.  One […]