There’s a saying that begins we don’t meet people by accident….you’ll find various endings, but they all make the same point – the people we meet, the people that enter our lives are meant to do so.  I am a sucker for clichés and that one, along with everything happens for a reason, are two of my personal faves.  

The last two years of my life have been filled with challenges, struggles, triumphs and greatness.  I have stumbled and fallen along the way.  But I’ve gotten up every single time.  Sometimes stronger, sometimes not.  But always because of the people around me.  

Some people have entered my life quietly.  They are there to bring calm to my chaos.  They quiet the noise when the world gets loud.  I love those people.  I couldn’t survive without them.

Some are loud and take up too much space in your head.  These people exist to teach us how to be better.  These people have taught me how to let go of anger, how to open my heart, how to be compassionate, empathetic and most importantly, they’ve taught me how to be self-aware.  I may not like them all, but I appreciate who they have allowed me to become.  In fact, I’m grateful for them.  

Then there are the people whose presence in your life is a gift.  People who have given you things you never imagined you needed.  People who say and do something so seemingly insignificant as far as they’re concerned, and yet life altering for you.  People who take up space in your heart.  People who make you believe that the universe speaks because everything in your life lined up just so, and then they showed up.  These people teach us about patience, love and gratitude.

While on our own journey, we must be open to learning from those around us because everyone we meet has something to offer, something to teach us.

We don’t meet people by accident.

Listen. Reflect. Learn. Love. Be grateful. 

We Don’t Meet People By Accident

4 thoughts on “We Don’t Meet People By Accident

  • February 27, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    I hope I’m a loud one 🙂

    • February 29, 2020 at 7:38 am

      You’re the loud one who takes up the perfect amount of space in my heart 🙂

  • March 28, 2020 at 8:51 am

    You understand that you are one of the inspirational people right? Stay safe, and once hockey returns, stay on your feet!

    • March 30, 2020 at 9:03 am

      Thank you Rob! I can’t promise to stay on my feet on the ice, but I’ll do my best. Thank you for reading and for your kind words!


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