When I read something profound, I write it down. I have notes upon notes saved in my phone with these little bits of wisdom that I read when I need to be inspired, when I need a pick me up or just because I want to be immersed in something positive and meaningful. Every now and then I come across a little gem that really makes me think, makes me wonder, makes me reflect and that’s why I am sitting at my computer today.

In his latest book, Risk Taker, Brian Aspinall writes:

Students need someone to blaze a trail for them.
Role models who put themselves out there.
Make some noise.
Be loud.

When I first read this, I realized he was referencing the traditional teacher – student relationship.  We, as teachers, need to be role models for our students.  He was writing about himself as an educator and the people in front of him as students. But after I read it a couple of times, the meaning started to change.

What if we replaced students with teachers?

Teachers need someone to blaze a trail for them.
Role models who put themselves out there.
Make some noise.
Be loud.

I am not where I am today on my own.  And I won’t go where I want to go on my own either. I have had many influential experiences with people I look up to, individuals I admire, who have pushed me forward and upward – some because of what they’ve said, others because of what they’ve done. But all because they inspire growth and learning with confidence and integrity. That person, those people, inspire me to set goals, achieve those goals and then set new ones. Those trail blazers encourage me to see roadblocks as steppingstones and learning opportunities rather than setbacks and barriers. Those role models who put themselves out there make me excited to learn, to embark on new ventures and take risks.

Who is that person for you?  Why? 

Find that person.  Let them be the spark that lights the flame within. 

And then? 

Blaze a trail.  
Put yourself out there. 
Make some noise. 
Be loud. 

Make Noise. Be Loud

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