Kindergarten: Meet Them Where They Are and Watch Where They Will Go

This post was originally written for and can be found here Kindergarten…28 little bodies in one room.  28 little minds all coming at you from different places, with different experiences, different abilities and different stories.  Some of those 28 are still just three years old.  Some are turning six.  Some […]

One Year

Today marks one year.  One year since life as I knew it changed.  One year since I sat and stared at you for hours that day holding on to every ounce of hope my heart could muster.  One year since I held your hand and felt you slip away.  One […]

Supposed To

Last week was the first day of school…you were supposed to walk him to school.  Meet his new teacher.  Smile, crack a joke, wish him the best first day.  I was supposed to get a photo.  The standard, holding hands, matching shirts, taken from behind while walking to school picture. […]

I Found A Dime

A month ago, life as I knew it changed.  My world was rocked, turned upside down.  Everything changed in a matter of seconds. As all the dust settles, I’m somehow supposed to pick up where I left off before that fateful phone call.  What I’m learning is that my brain […]